Why Sell to the Real Estate Investment Firm vs. List Your Property with an Agent?

We’ve been asked this question before, but we never mind answering it. First, it’s always smart to know the options available to you. If you’re selling your home, you can list your home with a real estate agent, sell your home as a “For Sale by Owner,” or you can sell it to us — the Real Estate Investment Firm. We specialize in making cash offers and providing quick turnarounds for our customers. But how do we compare to one of the most popular options in the real estate industry? Take a look below at how our process compares to a listing agent’s.

Listing with an Agent Selling to Us
Commissions & Fees 6% of the sale price1 X
Closing Costs 1-3% of the sale price1 X
Inspection & Financing Contingencies X
Appraisal Needed X
Average # of Days until Sold Around 91 Days 7 Days
Number of Showings Depends 1
Closing Date Around 30-60 days Your choice!
Repairs Negotiated During Inspection Period X

Your house is worth more than you think. Start the process today!

We buy houses in ALL CONDITIONS in the Upstate. There are no commissions, fees or obligations whatsoever. 

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Perks of Selling to the Real Estate Investment Firm

As you can see from the table, there are major perks to selling your home to the Real Estate Investment Firm. You may be able to get a higher sales price if you go through the traditional house sales route, sure, but does that higher price tag really put more money in your pocket?  It’s best to calculate those numbers yourself, but we’d also like to point out the many benefits of selling your home to us that won’t be included in your final count — and these might even be worth more to you. Let’s take a look together!

Cash offer in 24 hours, close in seven days.

We work with homeowners who want out of their house FAST. Get rid of the financial burden of mortgage and insurance payments, utility bills, taxes and more in as little as seven days. No, really, seven days! Once you contact our team, we’ll give you a cash offer within 24 hours if your home meets our qualifications, and we can have the closing date scheduled seven business days later. Don’t wait for your home to sell or for buyers to fall through. Consider us as you sell your home.

Sunrise over the ocean in Miami Beach, Florida.

No cleaning, repairs or inspection.

Trust us, we don’t mind if your home isn’t the cleanest. Properties that are unwanted, inherited, fixer-uppers or about to go into foreclosure can be a major headache to sell, much less clean and repair yourself. Leave all the scrubbing and refinishing to us — no matter how dirty or exhausted your home is, we can take care of it. Consider our cleaning services another money-saver!

No additional fees.

Since the Real Estate Investment Firm is a full-service professional home-buyer, you don’t have to worry about those overwhelming fees that are typical when selling your home.2 Granted, in today’s market, the buyer consumes most of the closing costs, but with us, you won’t have to deal with offers that request you to pay for everything. We’ll cover those fees without asking!

When you start to add up the conveniences that the Real Estate Investment Firm can offer — the fast pace and lack of repairs, cleaning, inspection, negotiation and fees — you might be surprised at how much money and energy you’ll save. So, if you’re located in Mauldin, Greenville, Anderson, Spartanburg and all over the Upstate, visit our office at 100 Locke Lane, Mauldin, SC 29662 or give us a call at (864) 345-4218. We can’t wait to put some cash in your bank account. We buy Greenville!

1According to Forbes Advisor. Visit their article for more information.
2Minus any mortgage payoff or other encumbrances on the property.